Monday, May 2, 2016


this week FLEW (hence the caption) but it was SO FUN. Speaking of flying this email is gonna be quick and probably short.
On monday we went to Revere Beach with our zone which was so fun I love my zone! Then on Tuesday we taught a lesson with the Portuguese Elders to a guy we contacted on the bus, and he committed to baptism! (to be fair I only know that because the elders told me what happened, i didn't understand any of the actual lesson, but it's cool)
Then on Wednesday we taught Jim again, and he always has SO many questions haha it's great but man it's exhausting sometimes. THEN we had this SUPER cool lesson with a guy I contacted on exchanges named Leonardo! (okay so technically his names leonard because his dad forgot to write the o on his birth certificate but hes working on changing his name so oh well) we taught him the restoration with a less active member and everyone was getting emotional and then he committed to baptism on June 25! He came to church on sunday and even bore his testimony! 
On Thursday we had a lesson with Sami and Patrick and basically had a HUGE hheart to heart about marriage AND WOW I have never felt to much love in a lesson, it was incredible. I'm skipping friday because not much happened. BUT SATURDAY WAS GREAT. 
We had service literally all day and it was SO FUN. We cleaned up the charles river, then went to lunch, and then helped someone move. Sometimes you just need a day to JUST serve. It was such a good day. 
ANYWAYS SORRY FOR THE SHORT LETTER but also not sorry because i have great pictures this week so yay. (definitely will attach some separately)

love you all! give your missionaries referrals! 
-Sister Morley

ps the pictures on this email are of us and our zone leaders and then us and our missionary friends who got transferred ):

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