Monday, April 25, 2016

all good things

Okay so last week (after I emailed) we watched the Boston Marathon at the Mission Office! It was so cool (and way inspirational) to see everyone running and everyone who was pushing along their family members. My favorite part was that we had like 40 missionaries lined up in this one spot and every time there was a Mormon runner they would see us and get SO EXCITED it was like an extra adrenaline rush for them! haha it was great! 
We got a member referral this week for a girl named Elena! She's so cool we taught her the first lesson on tuesday and she's suuuper solid. She's excited to learn all about the plan of salvation and hopefully we will be setting up a baptism date with her this week!
ALFREDO! Okay so last week his phone BROKE. Like we had NO contact with him and we were freaking out (because he's our most progressing investigator and we love him and he is supposed to get baptized soon ya know) ANYWAYS so we were praying and praying to find a way to get in contact with him and it got to the point where we were willing to go tract the ENTIRE town of Newton to try and find this guy. BUT THE LORD BLESSED US SO HARD. We were eating lunch on thursday and we get a call from an unknown number and who is it? ALFREDO! we were so excited and happy! His phone should be getting fixed this week but we'll see! we've met with him twice since then and we will be meeting with him more and more before he get's baptized on the 14th! 
On Wednesday we went on exchanges with the Spanish sisters (hermanas haha) and if there's one thing I learned, It's that I'm SO grateful I didn't get called spanish speaking. I literally don't think I understood a single thing that happened THE ENTIRE DAY. and THEY DIDN'T STOP FEEDING US. Every house we went to fed us! WE ATE LIKE 7 TIMES AND I DON'T UNDERSTAND. It's hard to pay attention in a lesson that is all in a language you know 0 of. so I might have fallen asleep a few times and hermana Lira just laughed at me and said it happens every time they go on exchanges with english sisters. oh well. 
Then on Friday we had District meeting and went to lunch afterwards and we were all together when we got t-texts (texts that tell us who's getting transferred where) and surprise surprise I'm staying in cambridge! so is my companion! We're super excited for everyone who's coming in though! It's going to be a SOLID zone. 
On Saturday we got to go to the recent convert temple date! We helped out in the Baptistery and it was such an amazing experiece to witness people go into the temple for the first time and do baptisms for their own ancestors. IT WAS PACKED THOUGH. i have never seen that many people in a baptistery before! It was way cool. 
ANYWAYS that's about it for this week! It FLEW but I feel like I say that every week. I can't believe I've been out two months??? super weird. Anyways I love you all have a great week (:

-Sister Morley

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