Monday, May 30, 2016

cool things

OKAY so this week we had a lot of cool things happen. For one, it actually got WARM for 2 whole days this week! Another cool thing, is that EVERYONE and their DOG graduated this week so basically everyone was walking around in these huge graduation gown robe things that are all decked out with all of their accomplishments and phds and everything (but I have a missionary name tag, so I win)
ANYWAYS. This week was really cool because we were able to teach a 15 step program to stop smoking! We taught it to a member named Enrique to help him quit! His non-member fiance (who's definitely getting baptized) was there and supporting him and it was so great! as of today he's been 5 days without smoking! woo! It was a really cool and really powerful lesson. 
I feel like a lot happened this week, but a lot of it isn't worth putting in an email. Like we had a picnic and played bingo with some fun old folks OH and we picked up this SUPER cool investigator from Uganda named Michael! He's WAY cool and super religious and said he'd pray and fast about the book of mormon and if it's true he'll get baptised! so we're stoked about that! 
We got to go to the temple again this morning! It was great I love the temple so much (: OH and yesterday sister graham gave a talk in church so we invited EVERYONE to come watch her speak and we have this one potential investigator who, no kidding, his name is Juice and he plays religious music on the saxophone so we invited him to come and he was like "No, but I'll come play outside your church so that people will want to come in and watch you speak!" SO WE GET TO CHURCH AND HE'S JUST PLAYIN THE SAXOPHONE HAHA it was great. 

ANYWAYS that's about it for this week! The church is true! Here are some good pictures of Juice playing his Saxophone, me holding Enriques crushed cigarettes, and me making some BOMB chocolate covered strawberries. Stay tuned for more pictures.
Trains are literally the bane of our existence. We fall asleep on them, and we get separated from our companions because of them.
-Sister Morley

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