Monday, March 28, 2016

Opposition in All Things

and by opposition i mean really there was only one bad thing this week. and by one bad thing i mean that i had the worst cold in the history of colds! It almost completely knocked me out. I got it on wednesday and today is the first day I've felt better! It's crazy! It probably wouldn't have lasted so long except we had such a good week lined up, I couldn't miss anything so we just kept going! 

We witnessed like 800 miracles this week, but I don't have time (or motivation) to put them all in here! So I'll just tell a few.

1. WE GOT SOMEONE TO COMMIT TO BAPTISM ON THE FIRST LESSON. His name is Alfredo (remember the one who thought i was a nun hahaha) (turns out a lot of people have thought we are nuns so thats cool) but yeah we had a lesson with him and the spirit was SO STRONG and at the end we asked him if he would be baptised on April 23 and he said YES! and he came to church on sunday and told everyone he is coming back! We're so excited we're teaching him again tonight.

2. We had 10 nonmembers at church on sunday! That alone is a HUGE miracle. The spirit was so strong because of the Easter program and almost everyone who was there kept saying they want to come back! it was amazing!

3. Daniel. haha he's so great. he's from Brazil and we met him at a bus stop and
without us even asking, he just said, "I want to know more about your church on your name tag!" He came to church and said that this is the first time he's felt like he's home since leaving Brazil. We're teaching him for the first time this week, and will hopefully set a date for him too!

Okay so those are three cool miracles that the Lord has worked in our lives. Sister Graham and I are doing great. We eat tons and tons because all the singles LOVE to feed us. We get to pet lots of dogs on the street which ROCKS and then usually we get to contact their owners! 

Yesterday we had TWO easter dinners which was way cool but also I didn't think i could eat that much! unfortunately because i was sick and kinda gross looking most of the week, the easter sunday picture is the only one we have for you guys this week! oh well. IF ANYONE WANTs a postcard email me your address because i bought some cute ones and i want to send them out to everyone (:

The church is so true guys. Conference is coming up, which I'm SO excited for. AND ALL OF YOU SHOULD BE EXCITED TOO because we literally get to hear what The Lord has for us to hear. Christ loves us, and he's our best friend. It doesn't matter what you're going through in life, he's waking through it with you, and he knows what you're feeling because HE feels it too. And because he's felt what you're feeling and because he's suffered for our sins, he can plead with our Heavenly Father for our forgiveness and that is the most amazing thing in the whole world! I love this gospel so much, and I'm so excited for conference and I love all of you!

-Sister Morley

Monday, March 21, 2016

Long post, sorry

WOW what a week. I've never been so cold and tired and happy in my whole life. we did so much this week and it just FLEW by. This email is pretty long mostly because I'm introducing everything and everyone we're working with.

Stuff: Okay so as far as missionary work, we had a few lessons. You really do meet and teach some interesting people here. We taught a guy named Jim on Tuesday. He's super cool but it's weird because he only has a house phone so it's hard to get in contact with him sometimes. He has A LOT of questions. and i mean A LOT. and not just about what we're teaching, but like deep deep doctrinal questions haha it's crazy! We also taught a girl from China named Autumn and she's super Buddhist which is cool. she doesn't speak much English so we had a guy from our ward who spoke it come and help translate but we're passing her off to the Chinese elders soon, which will be good for her. Another interesting guy we taught this week is Frank. He's so interesting. he has had a really hard life before now and it's so cool to see him as he's just now getting back on his feet and we are there with the Gospel helping him up as well. We also taught a girl from Japan this week named Nina. IT WAS SO COOL. we also had a member there to help with translation a bit because the english was a little rough, but she is so open and eager to have a relationship with God, and she said the sweetest prayer at the end of the lesson! We also taught a couple (amanda and luis) this week. Amanda was baptised a few years ago, but kinda went inactive for a while and shes really trying to come back to the church. she really wants a temple marriage and luis is really serious about taking the lessons! the hardest part is that they're kinda afraid of actually getting married but he can't get baptised unless they get married! so we'll see how that goes. they're all so amazing though.

Funny Stories:  Okay some of these i don't know aren't even that funny but here goes. 
1. turns out im still bad at walking and running because i trip like every three seconds and im destroying my knees. 
2. Okay i debated putting this under stuff, but Kathleen is too funny so I'm putting her under funny stories. So shes an investigator, and she LOVES wine. LOVES IT with all her heart. and she loves having us over for dinner but she always drinks wine before we come over so shes always telling us the vraziest funniest things and we're just like alright kathleen haha and it's so hard to teach her because she's DRUNK ahha ah but we love her so much and she really loves us so we're making progress.
3. We do service at a food bank every thursday and there's a special needs guy who works there whos way cool and everyone loves him but for some readon he decided he HATES me and sister graham! and he always walks up to the elders when we're talking to them and tells them how bad we are and the elders just go along with it its so funny but also sad because he's so cool i just want him to be my friend

Miracles: I'm remembering peoples names! We have yet to get lost in the city. There are people in our ward who literally speak like every language so whenever we have an investigator we are always able to find someone who is a fit for them. The Atonement. The Atonement is a miracle in my life every single day and my love for Christ grows every time i think of him and see his hand in my life. if you have't watched the church Easter video yet, go watch it. it's amazing. Also i ate spicy chili and DIDN'T DIE and if that isn't a miracle, i don't know what is. 

Alright well that's about it for this week. Write me letters! I love letters! You can send them to the address i sent last week or to 400 Mt Auburn St Watertown MA 

Monday, March 14, 2016


Okay and by Boston, I mean Cambridge. So my area is the Cambridge area and I'm serving in two singles wards with all these crazy smart students in med school and harvard and it's crazy. One thing I've been having to get used to is PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION. I've been on buses and trains and well i guess that's it but still its super weird. I miss cars. I walk around in the city in Harvard square a lot! THE LORD IS DEFINITELY HASTENING HIS WORK HERE IN MASSACHUSETTS. i came into the area with SO MANY potential investigators. We've been teaching tons of first lessons and doing lot's of contacting which is scary but cool! My companion is sister graham! shes super nice and normal AND TALLER THAN ME WHICH IS SO COOL. there are a lot of short girls in my mission so i got blessed haha.
some funny stories this week:
1. So we were on the bus on the way to an appointment and this guy comes up to me and reads my nametag and pulls out his earphones and says "so are you like a nun in training or something?" HAHA i don't think i look like a nun??? but it was actually way cool because i ended up being able to talk to him about the church and getting his number so we are setting up an appointment with him soon! 
2. OKAY so this story is kinda odd. In one of the wards i serve in theres a guy named bobby who has been coming to church for over two years, and believes it's THE true church. BUT. he's gay. and he's so convinced we're going to change our policy on gay marriage and it's kinda funny. we were teaching him (because technically he's still an investigator) and he was saying "yeah i think once everyone gets to know me they'll end up changing their policy" so hahaha wish us luck on how we can break the news to him. any advice???
3. sorry if i don't get back to all of your emails this week but i promise I'm trying!!
4. SEND ME YOUR ADDRESSES and send me letters. I LOVE LETTERS.
my address is: 182 W Central St Natick MA

okay i think that's about it! sorry my pictures are lowkey kinda awful but they'll improve i promise haha also some of these are still from the mtc but that's okay.

the city is slowly growing on me
the church is still true
i love all of you
-sister morley

Thursday, March 3, 2016


I HAVE BEEN SO BLESSED. if you have ever been on a mission or been in the mtc and thought you had a pretty cool district, I am so so sorry but you're wrong. my district is the best thing that has ever happened to the mtc. they're my best friends. Threyre so cool, and so amazing and all i can say is that wow I have been blessed. IM SENDING SO MANY PICTURES because pictures are worth a thousand words, right? I will probably send them in a different email though for the sake of space. The Lord is working miracles in our lives. We have all grown so much in the gospel and had our minds blown at least 4 times a day. the mtc is kinda weird though because you go from praying night and day to praying at least 98 times a day and its insane. I AM ALWAYS BUSY and i LOVE every second of it. If you're not sure if you want to go on  a mission i highly recommend it. OKAY but no joke they do not procrastinate throwing you into the field. Like the first day we met our first investigator. but I'm so happy. there is such a cool spirit here in the mtc because every one (or mostly everyone) who is here is SO EXCITED to go out and serve the Lord and wow there is so much happiness it's phenomenal.  My teachers are so cool and are so good at helping us grow closer to Christ and learn how to better search and study the scriptures. every one and their mother is at the mtc right now ps. Ive seen elder lyman elder pothier, elder peterson, elder taylor, sister christiansen literallty everyone it is so cool. so i promise my email with pictures is going to be way more interesting with actual stories and people! Woo!
okay so the first one is me with elder boatman and elder johannason (all the elders are going to colorado springs) the second one is me and my way short but way great companion sister clark. and the third one is my entire district! from left to right it is sister archer and sister doucharmme (georgia) sister clark and i (boston) elder smith and rodella and johanneson and boatman! the very last picture is was special to me because even i got super sick one day this week and my entire district got together and wrote me letters and it was the sweetest thing in the entire world. once again, so blessed. SIDE NOTE if i am on your missionary email list can you change my email to because obviously my email has changed. thanks (:
p.s. i would send more pictures but unfortunately space is limited and i dont want to annoy you with 34893578 emails so

deuces, sister morley