Monday, May 23, 2016

what a day, what a week

Wow. Finals being over REALLY open up doors. I don't have a TON of time to email right now, but just a few things real quick! This week we were CRAZY busy because suddenly everyone and their mother could meet with us! I have a feeling this is about to be a great summer. 
Okay so miracles really do happen! Fasting really does work! Alfredo wanted us to fast with him that he could get work off on sundays so he can go to church and get baptised on June 11! So obviously we were super excited and WOW we saw the blessings from it because he was able to talk to his manager and get transferred to a different unit and NOW HE DOESN'T HAVE TO WORK ON SUNDAYS!!! We are SO excited. 
Another miracle that happened this week is that we found TWO binders full of former investigators just chillin in a cabinet at the church building. What they were doing there, I have no idea. BUT we are currently going through them and COOLEST STORY OF THE WEEK. So like two nights ago we got home a little early so we decided to contact some of them and we felt like we should call this girl named Eve. So we call her and she answers and she's SO excited that we called and asking us all these questions and then she goes "so it's reallly funny that you called because today I was sitting in Harvard square thinking about how I kinda wanted to come back to church and see if it will make me happier." SO WE'RE MEETING WITH HER THIS WEEK! Miracles. do. happen.
Today was so great. We started off the day by playing ultimate frisbee and spike ball with our zone at Harvard stadium. Then there was a man in our stake named Bert who is WAY nice and LOVES missionaries. Today was his birthday, so he wanted to take a bunch of us out to lunch! So we went to a super fancy restaurant and all 10 missionaries ate the best lunch ever. Then (he thinks the sisters are better) he bought sister Graham and me MASSIVE bouquets of flowers. Then he took us to L.A. Burdick (which is the coolest chocolate shop ever) and bought all of us chocolate! So yeah today was great. 
But that's about all I have time for today! Love you all and have a good week! (:

-Sister Morley

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