Monday, May 9, 2016

yeah still cold

so it rained this literal entire week. which is fine except also way too cold for me. It's may and I'm way over wearing my coat.
ANYWAYS. So this week and next week are finals for harvard and mit and basically all the smart schools and grad schools and med schools and yeah. so NO ONE wants to talk to us or meet with us because theyre all busy studying and taking tests so this week was kinda mediocre.
On tuesday my companion had surgery. AND SHE WAS AWAKE FOR IT. okay to be honest it was just a mole removal BUT STILL i was there and got to watch it and it was siiiiiick (in the cool way not in the gross way) On Wednesday we taught Leonardo again, which went really well! He's still on track for his June 25 baptismal date! On thursday (cinco de mayo) we did weekly planning (as per usual) and service! we do service at a food bank with some of the elders in our zone and this week they were filming us haha it was super weird. Then Friday we had Zone meeting which was all  about how to gain and show more love for our investigators. it was really spiritual, and it's so cool how principles we learn to apply on the mission can turn around and be applied in real life too with our families. On friday night we had dinner with the recent convert in the portugese branch Aline! she took us to a brazilian grill and it was PHENOMINAL. like I'm slightly obsessed with it. ALSO friday was sister grahams ONE YEAR MARK!!! she only has 6 months left! In honor of that, I decorated the house, and we took some super awkward pictures that ill definitely attach On Saturday we had exchanges AGAIN with the spanish sisters BUT THIS TIME they had to come into our area SO I DIDNT HAVE TO FALL ASLEEP IN SPANISH LESSONS HALLELUJIA. But as luck would have it, the morning of exchanges, everything cancelled hahahahah. go figure. so we contacted a TON. We ended up teaching leonardo and then exchanged back right before dinner. For dinner we went to George and Tina's hosue! Tina is a recent(ish) convert and George wants to get baptised SO bad! he just hasnt been able to come to church so we're trying really hard with him! they fed us an irish dinner though because theyre from ireland! And of course yesterday was mothers day and i got to skype home! which made my week so great! 
But even on the weeks where everyone has finals, and appointments cancel, missionary work is still the greatest and most rewarding work literally ever. I'm dead tired 90% of the time, but I'm also crazy happy and LOVE being a missionary! I love you all and thank's for all your support! 

-Sister Morley

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