Monday, July 25, 2016


Hooray for this area!! I am SO excited for this upcoming transfer! I already love Avon/Canton SO much, and the wards are awesome. This Sunday we had TWO missionary farewells in the Canton ward, and both of the elders leaving gave such powerful talks and at the end we were all singing Till we meet Again and everyone was crying and it was so spiritual and really cool to go back and reflect on what my farewell was like and how I was feeling at the time and how much I have changed just in these past five months of being a missionary (can you believe it's been 5 months?) 

Something really cool that I'm SUPER excited about is that the hartford temple open house starts in September, and Sister Holt and I are literally in charge of all missionary efforts and we're becoming official temple missionaries for 2 transfers and we aren't going to be allowed to proselyte (which is weird) but we will be at the temple all day every day. I'M SO EXCITED. So I will probably be in this area a looong time. BUT it's great because I LOVE SISTER HOLT she's honestly the greatest ever and she's so cute!

But this week has been kinda crazy between moving areas and learning everything we need to be doing BUT it's awesome (: the pictures are me & patrick from the lp area (love him, hopefully we will be able to go down for his baptism when that happens??) and me & sister holt, who is the cutest ever.

Love you all the church is true!

-Sister Morley

Monday, July 18, 2016

wow here goes nothing

SO transfer texts came in on Friday, and it looks like I'm moving out to Avon Connecticut! I'm SUPER excited because it's right by the new Hartford Temple that's being opened later this year! 
ANYWAYS not a TON happened this week, but there are pictures! Friday at district meeting (which was combined with one of the other districts), we had a funeral for Elder Heflin and Elder Corpus because they're going home this Wednesday!! It was so sad! No one tells you when you go on a mission that you're going to be ripped away from all the other missionaries every 6 weeks! It's kinda sad! But I suppose the work is still good and worth it in the end.
We did a lot of contacting this week, and a lot of packing. But hopefully next week I will have SO many things to tell you all about!

Love you all, the gospel is true, I know it's true.

-Sister Morley

Monday, July 11, 2016

Tights in July, no thanks.

REALLY THOUGH THIS WEEK WAS SO CHILLY I WAS WEARING TIGHTS AND THAT IS NOT OKAY WITH ME. Also I randomly decided last monday to chop 4 inches off my hair. With kitchen scissors. And it looks fabulous.

So yeah Monday was the fourth of July, and seeing as we were in Boston, it was AMAZING. Huge fireworks (although we didn't get to see them all because curfew haha) and TONS OF PEOPLE. It was great. 

Then on Tuesday, WE PICKED UP A NEW INVESTIGATOR!!!!!!! and we're STOKED because shes so nice and normal and we love her. Her name's Colette and she's just the sweetest girl ever. Then we had Bert's 5th of July Bash! For those of you who don't know, Bert is a member in one of the wards in our area who every tuesday signs up to feed the missionaries. But not only does he sign up, everyone in the surrounding wards signs up so we end up having 8 missionaries at the same dinner from different wards! It's awesome haha and this week was his 5th of July bash and he catered ribs and rolls and potatoes and it was so good, although unfortunately I don't have a picture ): 

Friday we had Zone meeting/Interviews w/ Pres Miller, except the problem is that interviews always take super long so he didn't even get to our district so looks like we're going to have to take a trip to the mission home soon (which is awesome because that means that Sister Miller will be making us some delicious food and yeah I'm excited) And then we had BINGO at the old folks home again! It's great they love us (sometimes the old guys hit on us but we just laugh bc they're like 98 and it's so funny).

Saturday we went to Sitchuate Rhode Island for a baptism of one of Sister Hardings old investigators! It was awesome, RI is beautiful! 

I was Pretty much sick all week, but on Sunday (yesterday) it really really hit me and i slept literally ALL DAY it was so bad I couldn't get out of bed, but now I feel much better! 

Okay so the pictures are Sister harding and I in Rhode Island and then Sister Harding and I on the fourth of july!

LOVE YOU ALL hope you have a great week! Also S/O to all my friends back in Gilbert, good luck sticking out the heat! 

- Sister Morley 

Monday, July 4, 2016


Okay so when you read the title of my email, read it in a really high-pitched British accent and then you will hear what my companion has been yelling for the past week. Hahah I love her and it's hilarious that she's so excited for her first 4th of July. Definitely Americanizing her. 

So this week things started to pick up a little! We picked up a few investigators, had a GREAT lesson with Patrick, did some service, but for the most part we street contacted ALL DAY EVERYDAY. I mean maybe God just needed to teach me how to be better at street contacting because that is ALL we did this week. But this week was super fun! 

I don't have a TON to write about right now, but I do have pictures!