Monday, May 16, 2016

Slow but we got chocolate

HELLO EVERYONE! Okay so this week actually went by REALLY slow. It was the last week of finals so no one wanted to meet with us and on top of that EVERYTHING cancelled that we did have planned. Even zone conference. And zone conference NEVER cancels. Oh well. It was still a good week!
On Tuesday we went to a member's house who LOVES feeding missionaries. And he gave us so. much. chocolate. I'll definitely attach a picture. It's ridiculous. BUT we got food poisoning so we were sick all day Wednesday when we were doing weekly planning which was something we both just laughed about. We picked up a new investigator named Chris! He's super cool and he has a baptismal date for July 2! We also met with Sami and Patrick again and they're SO CLOSE to getting engaged they just have to take that leap of faith! They're SO cute I just want them to get married and for him to be baptized! We did our Thursday service as per usual which is always super fun, but they guy in charge of it (his name is kelly and he's from haiti) is SUPER loud and always tells the same joke about a guy with no arms... anyways. On Friday we taught Alfredo again and GUESS WHAT HIS PHONE IS GETTING FIXED THIS FRIDAY!!!! So we will actually be able to get in contact with him whenever we need to! So he should be getting baptized VERY soon! So I guess this week was relatively uneventful but we're STOKED for this coming week because EVERYONE IS WILLING TO MEET WITH US NOW THAT FINALS ARE OVER! WAHOO! Also here's a picture of us with Patrick and Sami (: We love them a lot! 

-Sister Morley 

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