Monday, June 6, 2016

the time has come

If you couldn't guess by the title of the email, transfers came in and SISTER GRAHAM IS LEAVING ME. My new companions name is Sister Harding (she's from England, which is so cool) ANYWAYS we had a super great week this week. We saw a lot of blessings from our labors, which was great. 
On Monday we went to the Museum of Fine Arts! It was super cool (and yeah we were definitely looking at all the ancient american artifacts and talking about how it was all just costly apparel and false idols). We picked up three new investigators this week! Franco, Ritik, and Colleen! They're super cool but I have learned on my mission that I actually have a REALLY hard time understanding people with accents so a lot of the time I have to ask my companion whats going on ahaha. dang it. 
We also had zone meeting this week! It was way cool and it was all about prayer, and the power of prayer in our investigators and in our own conversion. I wish I could adequately write about how important and essential prayer is for each of us. It doesn't matter how long it's been since you've prayed, just start again! Our Heavenly Father wants SO BADLY to hear from us! 
The elders that we share a building with had a baptism on Saturday and 1. the spirit was SUPER strong and 2. we had 4 investigators there! it was so awesome and they all got to feel the spirit and yeah it was great. 
This week we did service at an old folks home and played bingo (they are so funny hhaha) and we worked at the food bank again (which is always fun) 
THEN YESTERDAY we were at church probably about 90% of the day, seriously. And so were the elders and as luck would have it ALL OF OUR DINNER APPOINTMENTS CANCELLED like what are the odds of that?? so we all just ended up having a missionary dinner. it was so delicious.
The mission is actually the greatest thing in the entire world. I am so happy (and tired) and so excited for everything to come! The church is true, and the Book of Mormon is LITERALLY the word of God. I promise you that it is. Read it. 
Love you all, have a good week! 

P.s. sorry for the mediocre pictures. I love my zone they're the greatest ever. 

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