Monday, October 3, 2016

temple & general conference let's go!

General conference is a GOOD time. My favorite talk was by Pres. Nelson, about Joy! Men really are that we might have Joy!

So The temple has been AMAZING. One really cool experience that happened this week was on Friday and I was talking to a guy in the reception tent, and he REALLY wanted a Book of Mormon so I had him fill out a comment card and I felt prompted to have him give it to me instead of having him put it into the basket. So when he gave it back to me, we were able to call the elders who are covering our areas temporarily and they were able to stop by his house and drop one off. he wasn't there at the time BUT his whole family was and they invited the Elders to come back! Stories like this are literally happening every day at the temple open house! It is SUCH an amazing experience and I love watching people walk out of the temple, because they just have this look of light on their faces! The temple really is such a special place. 

I know my emails have gotten really short lately, and It's not because nothing is happening, but honestly it's just because I'm getting so lazy, sorry. I will try harder next week! 

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