Monday, September 26, 2016

LONGEST week ever & the Hartford open house

And I mean longest week of my entire life, literally. Not in a bad way but WOW so much happened this week, and I don't even know where to begin!

Tuesday- We went out with the Goshen Elders, and introduced them to all our Progressing Investigators, so that they can take over our area while we're gone at the temple! It was way cool, but it's also super hard to teach 1. with elders and 2. with 4 people. It was cool though, They helped us with a lesson with Lynette (the one who's deaf and communicated mostly by ASL) and she's SO sweet. I love her lots. They also were able to give some of our investigators blessings, which was AMAZING and It's so cool how the Lords will is conveyed through his priesthood blessings. 

Wednesday- we did a lot of things that i honestly can not remember for the life of me right now, sorry.

Thursday- We had interviews with President Miller (He told us to stop stressing about the temple open house and we were like "um pres we cant") but it was awesome! and then we had stake reporting at the temple (which is awesome if you can't tell our stake jumps at every opportunity to meet at the temple) 

Friday- MOVE IN DAY wow CRAZY day all the sisters met at the church and then dispersed to the members home we were each staying in. All in all everything went pretty well at first excapt one dog ran away and then don't worry we found it. Then at night we got our own tour of the temple, which was AMAZING i HIGHLY recommend visiting this temple someday, it's phenomenal.

Saturday- VIP tours began! We got to meet a lot of the construction workers who worked on the temple! It was really cool to see how proud they were of their work! 

Sunday- after church we had a tour with all the stake presidents and then we had a tour for all missionaries and their investigators, which was SO cool because our whole zone basically showed up at once, and we were able to be their missionaries in the video tent and then go through the temple tour with them because Andriy and his family showed up right at the perfect time! Andriy totally wants to get sealed in this temple and its amazing. 

Monday- We had a half p-day and then we went to the temple and got trained by Elder Wilson with ALL the sisters in the mission, which was SO cool. And I got to see my MTC companion!!! (:


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