Monday, August 29, 2016


This week flew by! But it was such a great week. I can't believe it is almost September, and even more exciting, that the Temple open house is almost here! We have been working so hard at not only our area, but also the open house training and schedule. BUT it's all slowly coming together!

ALSO ANDRIY GOT BAPTIZED AND IT WAS THE BEST DAY EVER! All week the baptism was on again and off again but it totally happened! We taught him almost every day this week and he was SO ready. He flew through the lessons and already knew everything. He's so funny though because he was really, REALLY concerned about if he could still be baptized if he accidentally ran over a chipmunk....haha and every time we would say something about doctrine or about the church, he would say "that's good news!" ah we love him! So Sunday finally comes around, and we had about oh i dont know 3 days to plan the baptism, and so we were super nervous about attendance. the Baptism was supposed to start at 6, and when 5:50 rolled around we had about 8 people there. BUT Andriy's wife was there, which was HUGE because if you remember from last week, she was SUPER against him getting baptized until randomly a week ago. so we go out and take pictures for a bit, and then we come back to the room AND I AM NOT KIDDING THERE WERE 51 PEOPLE THERE WE COUNTED. it was a miracle. I am so grateful for the ward we are in and the support they show us. The relief society brought food, the program was great and it was so cool because his wife only speaks Ukrainian and we had Ukrainian fellow-shippers there (and they said the opening and closing prayers in Ukrainian) and apparently Tetiana (Andriy's wife) only let Andriy get baptized because a few weeks ago she had this really powerful dream where a man came up to her and boldly told her that she should not be stopping Andriy from getting baptized and that she needs to let him do this. What a HUGE miracle. How incredible is God. 

ALSO this week, we picked up a Russian investigator named Lyudamilla, who is SO sweet. It was also a huge miracle because she was supposed to be at work when we knocked on her door, but her car had suddenly broken down that morning! So we were talking to her, and out of no where she asks us if we wanted to come in! and we did! so we went in and taught her about the Book of Mormon and we will be getting her one in russian this week! 

Anyways we did so much more this week, but honestly, it's too much to type. All in all it was a fabulous week and I'm super happy. OH transfers came in and now we know what sisters will be here for the temple open house! woohoo!

-Sister Morley

ps sorry more pictures coming on another email

1. Sis. Holt "wait can you pose so we can see what this looks like in pictures?"
me: "of course" (que dramatic pose)
2. Our district sad b/c Elder Jacobson got transferred to Cape Cod
3. Us w/ Sis. Holt's old companion Sis. Halcom! 
4. Lunch woohoo 

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