Monday, August 15, 2016


SO this week a few things happened

1. We had to close an apartment and it was pouring rain and we could NOT get the couches through our door (because we were taking the closed apartments couches) and we prayed for a miracle AND THEY FIT (shout-out to elder gray from gilbert az for helping us get those couches through the door) 

2. Exchanges! I went with Sister Morris to Bloomfield which was amazing! It was such a good exchange! I feel like we got really close and did good work! We were able to teach a potential they found and extend baptism for the 10th of September and she accepted! Sister Morris is an incredible teacher and she really is in tune with the spirit. I feel super blessed to be able to serve with her in the zone!

2. SO we on Saturday night (as in sister Holt at I) prayed for a miracle to happen on Sunday. We needed a new investigator and we knew we were doing everything we could, and that the Lord could provide a miracle if we had faith. And then as I was laying down to go to bed the thought came to my mind that I needed to pay my fast offerings. I have definitely not been the most diligent about doing it and I had just taken out $20 to make up for the few Sundays I didn't pay it. So I made sure to go and pay it on Sunday and hope for The Lord to do the rest.  AND HE DID. So we're sitting in Canton sacrament meeting and we look at our phone and get like...7 missed calls from the Waterbury Elders and we're thinking what?? but they said it was urgent so we slip out and call them back and they said that some woman named Mary called them and said that she has been looking for our church for months and she wanted to go to church TODAY and learn more and so we called her and gave her the address and she showed up RIGHT after sacrament meeting. So we decided that since our other investigators didn't show up and we didn't need to teach gospel principles we would just teach her the restoration! So we go outside to meet her and picture this: 69-year old super fit woman in a short denim skirt, hand sewn Japanese shirt, bright green cane, black floral sneakers, orange hair, and lacy socks. She was also wearing this blue necklace, and I complimented her on it and she goes off about how it's a "squashfasa" and how she's wanted one for years and how it's a special kind of necklace from the 60's and that her son got her one for her birthday last year and how much she loved it and it was good. So we took her to the classroom, and we wanted to get a member there so we tried literally everyone and NO ONE could. And we had no idea what to do, but THEN this woman named Gloria approaches Sister Holt and I, and starts asking how we are and sister holt just asks her to join us. And honestly neither of us knew why she asked Gloria to join the lesson UNTIL SHE WALKED IN THE ROOM AND SAYS "OH WOW I LOVE YOUR SQUASHFASA" AND THEY WERE THE EXACT SAME PERSON AND GOT ALONG SO WELL AND BECAME BEST FRIENDS INSTANTLY like I can not even tell you how many things they had in common because you would not believe me. And so we taught the Restoration (although it did take two hours because they kept going off and finding more things in common through the gospel) and at one point Gloria said "I wasn't planning on coming to church today because I have really bad diabetic nerve pain and it was really flaring up today (at which point Mary chimes in that she, too, has diabetic nerve pain) and i thought I had a perfectly good excuse to not come. But God would not let me stay home. I felt like i was literally being pushed out the door because the Lord needed me at church today, and now I know why" AND WE WERE ALL JUST ASTONISHED LIKE IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. Anyways so we taught the restoration and asked her if she would be baptized on September 10th AND YOU KNOW WHAT SHE SAID? SHE SAID "oh that's my BIRTHDAY! I HAVE to get baptized on my birthday, yes of course I will be!" 

Miracles do happen.

-Sister Morley

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