Monday, August 8, 2016

fastest week of my life

WOW I cannot believe how fast this week went by! We had mission leadership counsel this week which was INCREDIBLE. The AP's and President and his wife gave trainings about church attendance and obedience and faith and honestly everything they talked about was what we needed! One insight that I'll share is that we need to CHOOSE to have faith. We can't just expect to have a desire and then BAM faith, but we have to actually choose for everything we do to have faith. On thursday we planned Zone meeting and District leader counsel and then on friday we actually HAD both of them and they were great! We talked about how we can receive revelation for our districts, and how obedience will bless us as missionaries and as representatives of Jesus Christ. On saturday we had the opportunity to go and take a recent convert named justin to do baptisms at the temple! it was really cool to see him so happy as he entered into the boston temple. He is a construction worker for the Hartford temple, and he does wood work, so he kept looking at the ceilings and all over to see how it looked. That's how he found the church was by working on the temple! It's a really cool story he got baptized just a few weeks after meeting the sister missionaries back in june! ANYWAYS we have a LOT of work ahead of us, and I think big things are coming our way! Love you all!

-Sister Morley

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