Monday, August 1, 2016

crazy crazy week

Okay so honestly this week wasn't as crazy as I think it was BUT we did SO much. seriously my week was PACKED. which was awesome. I feel like it is so much stuff that I can't even put it all in an email, so I will summarize.

Tuesday we had dinner with the CUTEST family ever. While we were eating dinner, one of their little boys named Sam asked me if I had any babies, I of course laughed and said "no I don't!" and he looks me dead in the eye and says "well you should get one!!" hahaha alright sam, we'll see. 

Wednesday ROCKED and we picked up two new investigators! We visited a referral, and she wasn't home, but her son was and we gave him a Book of Mormon and set up a lesson for sunday! (which ended up falling through but thats okay we"ll snag him eventually) We also had a lesson with Mikele and she FINALLY has prayed and felt that Jesus Christ is her Savior! She has been struggling with understanding the need for a savior for YEARS and she just said that she felt so much peace about it over the past week, which was HUGE. Sometimes I feel like we don't even realize how strong our own personal testimonies are until someone questions it. After that we met a former named Annie and she agreed that she wanted to be taught the lessons again! Her boyfriend is a less active member and her oldest daughter was baptized last year and her youngest wants to be baptized so bad!

On thursday we handed out treats at the temple to all the workers, but it was SO hot i thought i was going to die. (and by hot i mean like 96 with like 96% humidity so yeah) And then we had stake reporting and president gave us so much information about things to come in the mission and lets just say this is going to be a really really great summer!

On Friday basically our whole day was dedicated to getting more information about the temple open house. we had like a 4 hour long meeting and afterwords we just had to lay down because information over-load! BUT WE ARE SO EXCITED! THEN we had the BEST LESSON EVER WITH ANNIE AND HER FAMILY and wow the entire thing was inspired by the spirit because we had to change our entire lesson plan when we got there and we had no idea what to do and then suddenly an object lesson i had never heard of before popped into my mind and I knew how we should teach them the restoration and it was amazing. I stood up and told them all that i was going to start a church. I told them if they followed my commandments that they would be more happy than ever before. then i gave them all sorts of commandments like what colors you could wear on what days and you have to eat ice cream once a week but you can only have four toppings and so on and so forth. then i told them that i died and that they had to try to re build my church without them and they had to remember all the commandments! safe to say, those little girls racked their brains to remember them all (and they almost did) but we were then able to go into teaching the restoration. Then Annie and her daughter Bella committed to be baptized on the 3rd of September!!!! WAHOO!

I feel like this email is already too long so just know we did yard work for a woman on saturday (and actually got her husband to help!!!!) and yesterday annie came to church and we had dinner with the coolest family and i love every one in our wards!!!

THE CHURCH IS SO TRUE even though sometimes it sounds too good to be true i promise it is!!!

Sister Morley

OH also we went on exchanges with the elders! not really but they had interviews with president and we were there for stake reporting and it was a party also more pictures are coming.

I cant remember what order these pictures are in but i know one of them is sister holt and i after service so woo!

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