Monday, April 4, 2016


TOO MUCH SNOW. It's April and it's snowing. I don't get it. BUT despite the cold, I'm still loving Cambridge! It's amazing. and CONFERENCE was amazing! (would i even be a real missionary if I didn't bring up conference in my weekly email?) if you didn't get to watch it, I highly recommend that you go online RIGHT NOW and watch it. or at least watch Elder Holland, Elder Richmond, President Iring, and President Monsons talks. They were my favorite. 

This past week was good! not our best week but it was good! I keep trying to figure out how to format my emails but I think I'm just going to stick with lists or else I forget everything I was going to write.

1. In the MTC they teach you how to teach lessons in 45 minutes or less. My comp and i have a goal to actually do that because it seems like ALL of our investigators have 873 questions for every lesson! which I mean it's good that they want to know and understand what we're teaching but it makes teaching short lessons really really difficult!  

2. We committed Patrick to baptism! I'm so excited because I really love patrick. He found US and said he wants to become a member and bring his inactive girlfriend back to the church!!! now they just have to get married!! hahaha I'm so excited for them but kinda nervous for the next lesson when we tell them that! but we're excited because his baptisimal date is may 7th, and his girlfriend got baptised on may 4th so we might be able to move it to the 4th which would be so cool for them! 

3. One of the people we're teaching is george. He had a baptisimal date a few months ago but it fell through and missionaries havent been able to get in contact with him since then! but he came up to us a few weeks ago when he saw us on the streets and said he wanted to learn again! so we taught him and his girlfreind tina this week, and now we have to get them married too! it's about to be a crazy wedding season here in Cambridge, MA. 

4.Alfredo is still doing well! hopefully still on track to get baptised on the 23rd! the only sketch thing is that a few days ago he was saying something about wanting a sign so we might have to clear some things up about how we get answers to our prayers haha.

5. OKAY so below is a picture of my comp and i outside looking MISERABLE because so yesterday we had a dinner at a members house and we left and went to go wait for the bus and it was about 8:00 and we are supposed to be home by 9, which would usually be pleanty of time except public transportation is SUPER unreliable on weekends so we were outsite and it was like 30 degrees and windy and we were waiting for like 30 minutes and the bus WASN'T COMING. and eventually we called a member to drive us home and we maybe got there by 9:30. IT WAS SO COLD. 

6. One cool story from this week is that sister Graham and i were at the saturday morning session of general conference and we get a phone call from some random number and we go out to answer it and it's this girl named Dominique and shes like yeah i want to come to your church what time is it and we told her about how its general conference and where it is and so she came on sunday, and turns out she dated a few mormons in high school but she was catholic and never wanted to learn anything but now she just felt like it was time that she became open minded to our religion! so she looked us up and found out number! it was such an amazing experience so hopefully we will be able to teach her soon! 

It's STILL snowing as I'm typing this, which isn't cool but I know that Temples are the most Holy places on this Earth, and I know that if we attend them often that we will be blessed beyond measure! I love temples, and I love our prophet and the apostles and the revelation they receive for our church. seriously, if you didn't get to watch conference, GO WATCH IT.
I LOVE YOU ALL so much. Also i had my first bowl of clam chowder this week, which rocked.

-Sister Morley

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