Monday, January 2, 2017

New Year, Same Area

YEAH you guessed it, T-texts came in and I'm STAYING for another 6 weeks!!! That will be a total of 7.5 months in this area, which is AWESOME because this is the best area EVER. I'm so excited, and also that means I will be able to finish training! Last P-day we had a second Christmas with a white elephant gift exchange (I got popcorn. Nice.) and a "snowball" fight (I'll send pictures probably in like an hour) But it was SO fun. This week we got to teach Kathy! She is a former that we picked up a few weeks ago, and we've just been able to start meeting with her. She is WAY more prepared than the last time she was taught in 2008. Hopefully she will be getting baptized very soon! 

ALSO I cannot believe that is is 2017, that is so weird. I feel like we just celebrated 2016 & now here we are. 

Over Christmas skype my mom told me to write longer e-mails, & today I'm going to fail her because this is pretty much the end of my email...

I'll send pictures eventually!

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