Monday, July 18, 2016

wow here goes nothing

SO transfer texts came in on Friday, and it looks like I'm moving out to Avon Connecticut! I'm SUPER excited because it's right by the new Hartford Temple that's being opened later this year! 
ANYWAYS not a TON happened this week, but there are pictures! Friday at district meeting (which was combined with one of the other districts), we had a funeral for Elder Heflin and Elder Corpus because they're going home this Wednesday!! It was so sad! No one tells you when you go on a mission that you're going to be ripped away from all the other missionaries every 6 weeks! It's kinda sad! But I suppose the work is still good and worth it in the end.
We did a lot of contacting this week, and a lot of packing. But hopefully next week I will have SO many things to tell you all about!

Love you all, the gospel is true, I know it's true.

-Sister Morley

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