Monday, July 25, 2016


Hooray for this area!! I am SO excited for this upcoming transfer! I already love Avon/Canton SO much, and the wards are awesome. This Sunday we had TWO missionary farewells in the Canton ward, and both of the elders leaving gave such powerful talks and at the end we were all singing Till we meet Again and everyone was crying and it was so spiritual and really cool to go back and reflect on what my farewell was like and how I was feeling at the time and how much I have changed just in these past five months of being a missionary (can you believe it's been 5 months?) 

Something really cool that I'm SUPER excited about is that the hartford temple open house starts in September, and Sister Holt and I are literally in charge of all missionary efforts and we're becoming official temple missionaries for 2 transfers and we aren't going to be allowed to proselyte (which is weird) but we will be at the temple all day every day. I'M SO EXCITED. So I will probably be in this area a looong time. BUT it's great because I LOVE SISTER HOLT she's honestly the greatest ever and she's so cute!

But this week has been kinda crazy between moving areas and learning everything we need to be doing BUT it's awesome (: the pictures are me & patrick from the lp area (love him, hopefully we will be able to go down for his baptism when that happens??) and me & sister holt, who is the cutest ever.

Love you all the church is true!

-Sister Morley

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