Monday, March 21, 2016

Long post, sorry

WOW what a week. I've never been so cold and tired and happy in my whole life. we did so much this week and it just FLEW by. This email is pretty long mostly because I'm introducing everything and everyone we're working with.

Stuff: Okay so as far as missionary work, we had a few lessons. You really do meet and teach some interesting people here. We taught a guy named Jim on Tuesday. He's super cool but it's weird because he only has a house phone so it's hard to get in contact with him sometimes. He has A LOT of questions. and i mean A LOT. and not just about what we're teaching, but like deep deep doctrinal questions haha it's crazy! We also taught a girl from China named Autumn and she's super Buddhist which is cool. she doesn't speak much English so we had a guy from our ward who spoke it come and help translate but we're passing her off to the Chinese elders soon, which will be good for her. Another interesting guy we taught this week is Frank. He's so interesting. he has had a really hard life before now and it's so cool to see him as he's just now getting back on his feet and we are there with the Gospel helping him up as well. We also taught a girl from Japan this week named Nina. IT WAS SO COOL. we also had a member there to help with translation a bit because the english was a little rough, but she is so open and eager to have a relationship with God, and she said the sweetest prayer at the end of the lesson! We also taught a couple (amanda and luis) this week. Amanda was baptised a few years ago, but kinda went inactive for a while and shes really trying to come back to the church. she really wants a temple marriage and luis is really serious about taking the lessons! the hardest part is that they're kinda afraid of actually getting married but he can't get baptised unless they get married! so we'll see how that goes. they're all so amazing though.

Funny Stories:  Okay some of these i don't know aren't even that funny but here goes. 
1. turns out im still bad at walking and running because i trip like every three seconds and im destroying my knees. 
2. Okay i debated putting this under stuff, but Kathleen is too funny so I'm putting her under funny stories. So shes an investigator, and she LOVES wine. LOVES IT with all her heart. and she loves having us over for dinner but she always drinks wine before we come over so shes always telling us the vraziest funniest things and we're just like alright kathleen haha and it's so hard to teach her because she's DRUNK ahha ah but we love her so much and she really loves us so we're making progress.
3. We do service at a food bank every thursday and there's a special needs guy who works there whos way cool and everyone loves him but for some readon he decided he HATES me and sister graham! and he always walks up to the elders when we're talking to them and tells them how bad we are and the elders just go along with it its so funny but also sad because he's so cool i just want him to be my friend

Miracles: I'm remembering peoples names! We have yet to get lost in the city. There are people in our ward who literally speak like every language so whenever we have an investigator we are always able to find someone who is a fit for them. The Atonement. The Atonement is a miracle in my life every single day and my love for Christ grows every time i think of him and see his hand in my life. if you have't watched the church Easter video yet, go watch it. it's amazing. Also i ate spicy chili and DIDN'T DIE and if that isn't a miracle, i don't know what is. 

Alright well that's about it for this week. Write me letters! I love letters! You can send them to the address i sent last week or to 400 Mt Auburn St Watertown MA 

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