Monday, March 14, 2016


Okay and by Boston, I mean Cambridge. So my area is the Cambridge area and I'm serving in two singles wards with all these crazy smart students in med school and harvard and it's crazy. One thing I've been having to get used to is PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION. I've been on buses and trains and well i guess that's it but still its super weird. I miss cars. I walk around in the city in Harvard square a lot! THE LORD IS DEFINITELY HASTENING HIS WORK HERE IN MASSACHUSETTS. i came into the area with SO MANY potential investigators. We've been teaching tons of first lessons and doing lot's of contacting which is scary but cool! My companion is sister graham! shes super nice and normal AND TALLER THAN ME WHICH IS SO COOL. there are a lot of short girls in my mission so i got blessed haha.
some funny stories this week:
1. So we were on the bus on the way to an appointment and this guy comes up to me and reads my nametag and pulls out his earphones and says "so are you like a nun in training or something?" HAHA i don't think i look like a nun??? but it was actually way cool because i ended up being able to talk to him about the church and getting his number so we are setting up an appointment with him soon! 
2. OKAY so this story is kinda odd. In one of the wards i serve in theres a guy named bobby who has been coming to church for over two years, and believes it's THE true church. BUT. he's gay. and he's so convinced we're going to change our policy on gay marriage and it's kinda funny. we were teaching him (because technically he's still an investigator) and he was saying "yeah i think once everyone gets to know me they'll end up changing their policy" so hahaha wish us luck on how we can break the news to him. any advice???
3. sorry if i don't get back to all of your emails this week but i promise I'm trying!!
4. SEND ME YOUR ADDRESSES and send me letters. I LOVE LETTERS.
my address is: 182 W Central St Natick MA

okay i think that's about it! sorry my pictures are lowkey kinda awful but they'll improve i promise haha also some of these are still from the mtc but that's okay.

the city is slowly growing on me
the church is still true
i love all of you
-sister morley

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