Thursday, March 3, 2016


I HAVE BEEN SO BLESSED. if you have ever been on a mission or been in the mtc and thought you had a pretty cool district, I am so so sorry but you're wrong. my district is the best thing that has ever happened to the mtc. they're my best friends. Threyre so cool, and so amazing and all i can say is that wow I have been blessed. IM SENDING SO MANY PICTURES because pictures are worth a thousand words, right? I will probably send them in a different email though for the sake of space. The Lord is working miracles in our lives. We have all grown so much in the gospel and had our minds blown at least 4 times a day. the mtc is kinda weird though because you go from praying night and day to praying at least 98 times a day and its insane. I AM ALWAYS BUSY and i LOVE every second of it. If you're not sure if you want to go on  a mission i highly recommend it. OKAY but no joke they do not procrastinate throwing you into the field. Like the first day we met our first investigator. but I'm so happy. there is such a cool spirit here in the mtc because every one (or mostly everyone) who is here is SO EXCITED to go out and serve the Lord and wow there is so much happiness it's phenomenal.  My teachers are so cool and are so good at helping us grow closer to Christ and learn how to better search and study the scriptures. every one and their mother is at the mtc right now ps. Ive seen elder lyman elder pothier, elder peterson, elder taylor, sister christiansen literallty everyone it is so cool. so i promise my email with pictures is going to be way more interesting with actual stories and people! Woo!
okay so the first one is me with elder boatman and elder johannason (all the elders are going to colorado springs) the second one is me and my way short but way great companion sister clark. and the third one is my entire district! from left to right it is sister archer and sister doucharmme (georgia) sister clark and i (boston) elder smith and rodella and johanneson and boatman! the very last picture is was special to me because even i got super sick one day this week and my entire district got together and wrote me letters and it was the sweetest thing in the entire world. once again, so blessed. SIDE NOTE if i am on your missionary email list can you change my email to because obviously my email has changed. thanks (:
p.s. i would send more pictures but unfortunately space is limited and i dont want to annoy you with 34893578 emails so

deuces, sister morley

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