Monday, February 6, 2017

wow 20 years old

Yeah that's right I turned 20 this week! Crazy crazy crazy. I don't have a ton of time, but I will tell a few things that were awesome.

Okay, mainly one thing. Andriy's wife (the one who kept him from being baptized for years, and the one who was very against the church after he was baptized) SET A DATE TO BE BAPTIZED ON FEBRUARY 25th!!!!!!! We are SO excited! She suddenly just decided she believes it all and she want's to raise her family in the church, and wow  it was the best day ever when she told us. It was so cute, afterwords Andriy was talking to us, and he said "This is the best news...probably..ever!" And so yeah we are so excited for them to get sealed in a year or so! (:

BUT anyways it was a great week & I have a lot of pictures. 

1. Terrible picture of me, but the seminary class threw me a birthday party! woohoo!
2. Picture of Sister Behrmann & I (and elder schrader) at Heublien tower last week!
3. What the elders got me for my birthday? His name is Warren. But woo for being 20!

1. The Elwells! He is the stake president and their family is seriously the best
2. My desk space b/c Happy Valentines day
3. More snow

OH and T-Texts are this week, so probably getting transferred, so yeah wish me luck.

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