Monday, February 27, 2017

Maya and Tanya

Well this week was good!

The main thing that happened this week was that we picked up a new investigator! We are so excited about her, her name is Maya and apparently she has been "taught" by several sets of missionaries before. And I say "taught" because she never actually got the lessons? Weird, I know. BUT we were able to teach her the Restoration for the first time, which was amazing. We asked her how she felt, and she said good! We asked how she knew she felt good, and she said because she had a "goose rash" (keep in mind she's from India haha) We told her her goosebumps were a way that she could know she was feeling the spirit! We were then able to teach her to pray, and hear her pray for the first time! 1st prayers are always the sweetest. They are so sincere and honest and heartfelt. 

Other than that we tried to do a lot of finding, OH BUT THE BEST THING HAPPENED IN MY LAST AREA BECASUE TANYA WAS BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for her and Andriy even though I'm sad I wasn't able to be there I know that it was the best decision she could have made! If you want to find joy, Joy comes through Christ, I know this, and I want those I teach and those I talk to to know this.

Love you all! 

1. Sister Thompson & I

2. Weekly Planning...pretty much how that goes

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