Monday, December 12, 2016

Snow again

So in case you couldn't guess...IT'S SNOWING.

This week we did a lot of contacting, with not a ton of success. And if there is something I've learned about missionary work, is that no matter what, it isn't easy. It wasn't easy for Christ, it wasn't easy for his 12 Apostles, and it certainly won't be easy for us. The point is (and this stands with all things) that we do our best, and no matter what happens, or what the outcome is, we know we did the Lord's will. It's like Abinidi, how he could have easily thought that his efforts were a waste, and that there was no point, but we all know that Alma was touched by his words, and because of him, a whole nation was brought back into belief. We never know the full extent of the impact we have on peoples lives, so always do your best to leave people better than you found them.

1. Sister Behrmann & I at the Hartford Temple
2. Pondering life by our lil' Christmas Tree

3. Trying to study #davethecat

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